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...Through The Journey

Springfield, Leavenworth, Terre Haute, Morgantown and Lewisburg Federal Penitentiaries, The Ohio Penitentiary and, The Mansfield Reformatory  (pictured).

...To The Ivory Tower

Dave Koch (center) President, CEO & Chairman of Fiber Network Solutions, Inc.  (Left) Fiber Network Solutions' headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.  (Right) Dave Koch (right) and Kyle Bacon (left) in the company's Network Operations Center.

Over four decades ago, on August 7, 1980, at the age of 24, Koch was released on parole after serving both federal and state prison sentences of 18 months to five years.

Koch made the commitment to never return to prison, and set out on his life-long journey, reentering mainstream society and pursuing a new life and careers that include; Flight Instructor, Airline Transport Pilot, Software Developer and co-founder, President & CEO of the 68th Fastest Growing Company in America - 2001 Inc 500 List.

Throughout his career as a pilot, Koch earned all of his commercial and instructor certificates and ratings, including the highest certificate attainable - the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.  Koch spent many years providing flight and ground instruction, and flying corporate jets, including the Learjet, Cessna Citation and Israeli Westwind II, and numerous turboprop aircraft.

Koch co-founded Fiber Network Solutions during 1995 and served as its Chairman, President & CEO until he sold the company in 2003.  Fiber Network Solutions was one of the companies that built the infrastructure of the Internet in North America.

Fiber Network Solutions was started on a shoe string.  Among his many awards, Koch earned the Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, Best in Business, and was twice distinguished on the Inc 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies - # 68 Nationally, and # 1 in Ohio.

Koch’s life and career began after his release from prison.  His compelling 30-plus-year career as a member of mainstream society provides the irrefutable evidence that a successful reentry into mainstream society, a path of normalcy and legitimacy, and all of the rich rewards that life has to offer are attainable after a felony conviction and an incarceration event.

Take a minute to read this first.

Dave published this site so other people could realize that the future does not equal the past.  Successful prisoner reentry is not easy - it is hard, but it certainly is achievable.

Dave's intent in publishing this website, the free Sextant Articles, the free Lords of the Dragon Memorandum, and the book, “Slaying the Dragon – The Journey from the Dungeon to the Ivory Tower” (offered free five (5) times each quarter through Amazon) is not to try to convince anyone that they should take a particular path in their life.  Rather, it is simply to show them that there is another path available.  It is an individual choice, but this website provides the evidence that a path of legitimacy is available to any individual prepared to invest in his or her own future.

This website and Dave's writings are not a platform from where he boasts or brags, but rather, he uses his own personal experiences to provide the indisputable evidence that life after serving both federal and state time is available to anyone who is willing to put forth the effort.

This is the chronicle of a young man, Dave Koch, who thought that taking shortcuts was the way to achieve all of the material things he wanted in life.  That short-term thought process resulted in him earning multiple felony convictions and serving both federal and state prison sentences.


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You're not alone !

The Journey...

Take Control of your future

A person who has had a conviction or who has been incarcerated is held to a higher standard, and their future opportunities and success are directly dependent on meeting that standard.

Rise to the occasion.

Records are broken by those who dream beyond the barriers.

Sometimes it feels like you're fighting the World,

..if you have a felony conviction or felony record, been incarcerated, filed bankruptcy, faced foreclosure, need reentry help, or are dealing with many of life's challenges...

Whether a person wants one or not, they are going to have a journey. The destinations of their journey are dependent upon the choices they make during their journey.

- Dave Koch

“The future is not a gift.

It is an achievement.

- Robert F. Kennedy


What he did since that experience is inspiring and proof that there is life after incarceration.

This website is for people who work in the corrections and community reentry profession, and know individuals who are, were - or “are on the path” to incarceration, and for individuals who are, were - or are “on the path” to unpleasant destinations.

This website and its content is intended for those individuals who genuinely want to take a different life path, but have difficulty believing that a different path is available after having been convicted and incarcerated.  

This website and its supplementary information will clearly demonstrate that a different path, and subsequently a better life are very definitely available to you.  It won’t be easy - it will be hard, but I can assure you that your efforts will not be an exercise in futility.  

This website will provide the irrefutable evidence that a different path is very definitely available.

If you are an offender, you need to champion your cause.  Only you can run your race.

The information provided on this site and in other free publications available on this site are written for YOU !  And it is written to show you that yes, you can recover from whatever challenges you may have faced in the past, or that you may be facing this very minute.

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