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The core purpose of Self Reinvention is to address the economic needs of retiring U.S. Military personnel and formerly incarcerated individuals in the United States.

Intuitively, these two demographics appear to be dissimilar.  However, an individual who has spent twenty years in the military has in many resects become institutionalized much the same as an individual who has spent many years incarcerated.  Both of these demographics have become accustom and dependent on a specific culture, and both need to become

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culturally synchronized with the mainstream of our civilized and civilian society.  Generally, we see institutionalization after an individual has been a member of a specific culture for ten years or more.  When we examine the suicide statistics of former military and formerly incarcerated individuals, the underlying cause is not always PTSD, but rather it is the inability to readjust to a new and foreign culture and earn a living.

The Self Reinvention proof of concept program is designed to achieve its objective by assisting retiring military personnel and formerly incarcerated individuals with the formation of for-profit business and  / or gainful employment opportunities.  Self Reinvention is not based upon a Hand-Out, but rather it is based upon a Hand-Up.

We believe that successful reintegration into our civilian and civilized society can only be achieved by inspiring the people with the problem to become their own solution.  We define recidivism as the failure of a retired military person, or a formerly incarcerated individual to successfully reintegrate into the culture of our civilian and mainstream society.

Our goal is to keep recidivism at zero for all former military and formerly incarcerated individuals sponsored by Self Reinvention.

The Self Reinvention Business Incubation Group of companies are pursing enterprise income generating strategies that lead to a self-funding and self-sustaining agenda that supports its escalating mission in its entirety.  Self Reinvention's goals will reach fruition not in weeks, months or years, but rather, in a generation.

Self Reinvention is developing replicable entrepreneurial business incubators, and the organization  facilitates the necessary community participation, and coordination among the various government agencies, business & industry, and social and community organizations to implement these incubators in major metropolitan areas throughout North America.

Our business incubators sponsor individuals who show entrepreneurial promise, who have demonstrated the necessary work ethic and intellectual capacity, and possess the trade or vocational skills to facilitate the formation and growth of a for-profit enterprise.  

Each of our entrepreneurial enterprises are former military and formerly incarcerated friendly in hiring other persons from these demographics.  Our sponsored businesses create additional employment opportunities for other individuals who satisfy job requirements.

In addition to the constituency serving the constituency by creating jobs,  our successful entrepreneurs become models who can help to influence and relax the hiring policies of other companies throughout the business community.  By focusing on the strongest candidates for entrepreneurial sponsoring, Self Reinvention expands its reach and intensifies its mission.

As opposed to forming an autonomous business or a single business incubator, either of which require internal accounting, human resources, compliance, administration, legal and the other essential departments, Self Reinvention centralizes all of the necessary capital, and the administrative and business disciplines for both the business incubators and the entrepreneurial enterprises operating within each incubator.  This leveraging creates substantial economies of scale, which translates to a substantial reduction in capital required to start and grow each incubator and each entrepreneurial enterprise.  A substantially reduced overhead and operating capital requirement gives each of our   sponsored enterprises a more competitive position, accelerate growth, and expedites the attainment of positive EBITDA.  

Each of the business enterprises operating within our incubators are For Profit organizations. Self Reinvention retains 100% controlling interest in each sponsored enterprise as a mechanism to minimize investment risk.  After a minimum of five years of incubation, or graduation from the incubator, controlling equity and controlling interest is transferred to the founding entrepreneur(s).

Self Reinvention generates its sustaining income based upon a percentage of revenue from, and an equity or debt position in each of the enterprises to which it provides capital and support.  The cost for the  administrative support services to each of our sponsored enterprises  comfortably scale with revenue, and continue for a predetermined term.

The equity or debt position that Self Reinvention retains in each enterprise  builds a growing endowment.  The endowment will provide all of the necessary capital to fund Self Reinvention’s operations, the seed capital for new enterprises, and the continued growth of its expanding mission in its entirety.

Self Reinvention is the new dimension in reducing recidivism in the demographics of retired military and formerly incarcerated individuals, and it is the new frontier for accountable community and social organizations that serve these demographics.

Self Reinvention is based upon the premise that the recidivism dilemma in this Nation will only be resolved by empowering the people with the problem, to become their own solution.

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Empowering the people with the problem to become their own solution.