Inspiring the people with the problem, to become their own solution.

Fiber Network Solutions was started on a shoestring.  Among Koch’s many recognitions as CEO, he earned the Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, Best in Business, and he was twice distinguished on the Inc 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies.

 Slaying the Dragon
              ...The Journey from the Dungeon to the Ivory Tower

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The Dungeon
The Mansfield Reformatory
Mansfield, Ohio
The Journey

Koch as Captain on the Learjet 35A
and his current mode of travel -
a 40’ 5th Wheel Travel Trailer

Koch’s life and career began after his release from prison.  His compelling 30-plus year career as a member of mainstream society provides the irrefutable evidence that a successful reentry into mainstream society, a path normalcy and legitimacy, and all of the rich rewards that life has to offer are attainable after a felony conviction and an incarceration event, or any other challenge life presents.

Whether a person wants one or not, they are going to have a journey.  The destinations of their journey are dependent upon the choices they make during that journey.   -   David J. Koch

Goals are achieved through a series of small steps.  The concept of “One-day-at-a-time” works.  We all want that instant gratification.  The gratification will come – just be a little patient.

If you “sort-of” try to reinvent yourself or reenter mainstream society, you’re probably not going to be very successful.  Conversely, if you genuinely make the commitment, your likelihood of success is just about guaranteed.  I am absolute proof that if a person makes the genuine commitment to legitimacy, they can have a healthy life of normalcy, and the rewards will be representative of the effort they put forth.

People in general rationalize why they have not achieved more than they have.  It seems to be a natural defense mechanism to place blame for our lot in life on everyone and everything, except ourselves.  We blame our parents, the government, our teachers, the system and a variety of other influences.  Our shortcomings are because we are of a particular race, because we were raised in a particular neighborhood, because we look different, because of our age, and on and on.


Life definitely does dish out its challenges.  We all suffer various injustices.  But, we either find and embrace the silver lining in each injustice and conquer those challenges, or we lie down and accept the consequences of injustice, and those challenges conquer us.  When you face the Dragon, someone is going to win, and someone is going to lose.  I choose to be victorious.  When facing your challenges, that choice is yours.

Resolving Life Baggage requires that you first separate your issues into individual problems.  Many people carry an enormous number of individual problems that homogenize into a single overwhelming and devastating anchor. 


Logically, the only reason a person develops an accumulation of problems is because they do not address and solve their problems as they surface.  Ignoring problems is the cause of Life Baggage.  If a person has two or more problems, it is because they have not solved the first, second, third and so on.


The process of self-reinvention and participating successfully in mainstream society and pursuing a rewarding future is not a leisurely stroll – it is a marathon.  It is not possible to run a marathon if you’re carrying a bag full of bricks.

Don’t let the new  pain of self-reinvention influence your ultimate decision to stay on the path that you have chosen.

The Ivory Tower

Koch - President & CEO
Fiber Network Solutions, Inc.

Twice distinguished on the 
Inc 500 List of America’s
Fastest Growing Companies.

Who is this book for ?

Slaying the Dragon - The Journey from the Dungeon to the Ivory Tower is for anyone who has, or is currently experiencing what they believe is among their greatest personal challenges.

This book is for any person who has experienced a setback.  Perhaps a bankruptcy, a home foreclosure, job loss, career change, the loss of a business, or any of the many situations people face each and every day.

The person who has experienced a dramatic life change, or who is hoping to dramatically change their life is going to face some significant challenges.

Slaying the Dragon is a metaphor for conquering the challenges that are an integral part of life.  Life is a Dragon, and you will either slay the Dragon of life, or it will conquer you.

Dave Koch’s personal journey took him from the dungeon, which included the Ohio Penitentiary, The Mansfield Reformatory, The Robert F. Kennedy Correctional Center, The Springfield

Federal Penitentiary, Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, Terre Haute Federal Penitentiary and Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary.

Koch’s Journey began after his release thirty-three years ago, on August 7, 1980, at the age of 24.  Koch was released on parole, from the dungeons of both federal and state sentences of 18 months to five years.

Koch made the commitment to never return to prison, and he set out on his life-ling journey, reentering mainstream society and pursuing a new life and careers that included: Flight Instructor, Airline Transport Pilot, Software Developer, and co-founder, President & CEO of the 68th Fastest Growing Company in America - twice distinguished on the Inc 500 List.

Throughout his career as a pilot, Koch earned all of his commercial and instructor certificates and ratings, including the highest pilot certificate attainable - the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.  Koch spent many years providing flight and ground instruction, and piloting corporate jets, including the Learjet, Cessna Citation, and Israeli Westwind, as well as many turboprop aircraft.

Along with his business partner who had only recently graduated from college, Koch co-founded Fiber Network Solutions during 1995 and served as its Chairman, President and CEO until the company was sold in 2003.  Fiber Network Solutions was one of the companies that built the infrastructure of the Internet in North America.

Some people recover and some don’t.  Recovery is a choice, and this book clearly delineates how those choices are made, and it demonstrates the reality that your future can be whatever you want it to be regardless of what challenges you are facing today.

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