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Thank you for your interest in reviewing our portfolio of investment and lending opportunities.

Self Reinvention offers investment and lending opportunities to accredited investors and lenders.  

All business plans, prospectus and memorandums for investment opportunities with a Self Reinvention sponsored company (collectively "Self Reinvention Group") may contain forward-looking statements that are intended to enhance the reader’s ability to assess Self Reinvention Group’s future financial and business performance.

Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements that represent Self Reinvention Group’s beliefs concerning future operations, strategies, financial results or other developments, and contain words and phrases such as “may,” “expects,” “should,” “believes,” “anticipates,” “estimates,” “intends” or similar expressions.

Because these forward-looking statements are based upon estimates and assumptions that are subject to significant business, economic and competitive uncertainties, many of which are beyond Self Reinvention Group’s control or are subject to change, actual results could be materially different.

Such forward-looking statements should be regarded solely as Self Reinvention Group’s current plans, estimates and beliefs. Self Reinvention Group does not intend, and does not undertake, any obligation to update any forward-looking statements to reflect future events or circumstances after the date of such statements.

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Please refer to Risk Factors contained in all investment memorandum, business plans and prospectus for a discussion of the various factors that could cause an adverse effect on the business, operations and financial condition of the Self Reinvention Group.

All companies sponsored by Self Reinvention participate in our business incubation and management services.  We have centralized all non-revenue generating administrative functions for all sponsored businesses.  All accounting includes internal controls and is conducted in accordance with GAAP.  All financial statements are audited annually by outside independent auditors.

Additional economies of scope are achieved by centralizing personnel, compliance, legal, advertising, sales, marketing and help-desk functions.

Risk factors for each business are clearly delineated in all investment documentation.  However, we believe that comparatively, an autonomous business has greater risk as it is not as closely supervised and scrutinized, or have the level of representative advisory staff as do Self Reinvention companies.  Further, Self Reinvention Group’s entrepreneurs and employees are substantially motivated and incentivized to contribute to the organization’s overall success through a plethora of built-in mechanisms.

Self Reinvention does not publicize or otherwise make available publicly the names of businesses that we sponsor, nor the names of officers or employees of those companies.  

Because our family of companies enjoy substantial economies of scale and economies of scope, they are all significantly more competitive in the open market than many similar businesses.  Although this is very positive as it certainly contributes to why our sponsored companies provide an enhanced return on investment, it has also created some friction with competing businesses in the community.

We have discovered that some competitors use the fact that our sponsored companies are operated by, and provide employment to, individuals who have been formerly incarcerated as a tortured basis of competing by vilifying our Clients.

Empowering the people with the problem to become their own solution.

Our investors, lenders and the staff of Self Reinvention know that the competitors of our family of sponsored businesses are unable to compete via product and service merit comparison.  Unable to compete through agility and innovation, many competitors have demonstrated  Neanderthal tactics that amount to mud-slinging.  

Businesses in our portfolio of companies compete by providing excellence in service, the best products, and competitive pricing that combines to present the true definition of value.

Approved and registered accredited investors and lenders can review current financial statements of any of our portfolio companies that are currently seeking capital, and those companies in which an investor or lender has an established relationship.  

Balance sheet, income statements and cash flow statements are available fifteen (15) days after the close of each month and are presented YTD as of the last day of the previous month.  YTD statements include EBIT and EBITDA calculations.  All internally generated financial statements are unaudited and for management purposes only.

All companies within our portfolio operate on a calendar year.  Annual financial statements are audited by outside independent auditors.  Audited financial statements are made available to all registered investors and lenders.

Accredited investors and lenders interested in participating in Self Reinvention’s portfolio of companies should contact us in writing.

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Investment opportunities with Self Reinvention’s portfolio of sponsored companies.

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