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Inspiring the people with the problem,

to become their own solution.

“ Locking up offenders without rehabilitating them won’t reduce crime.  That’s like fighting a deadly disease by building more cemeteries. ”

Justice Thurgood Marshall

United States Supreme Court

1908 - 1993

- Overcoming the Felony Conviction Label.

- Recidivism – its core causes and the solutions to prevent recidivating.

- Fostering Self Confidence.

- First Steps after Release.

- You don't need to start over - but you do need to start from where you left off.

- Developing Definitiveness of Purpose.

- The Emotional Impact of Release & Reentry.

- Don't swing at a pitch in the dirt.

- Dealing with Anger and Depression.

- Reprogramming your mind for success.

- Cultivating your Friends, Peer Group and Sphere of Influence.

- Peel off the Labels.

- You won't change until it hurts enough.

- Excuseitis.

- ...and many more

Dave is available for speaking engagements, and for multi-day group seminars, which feature such topics as:

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