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A critical component to life change is examining the results you have had and identifying the behaviors that caused those results.  Subsequent change of habits and behaviors will produce different and predictable results.  If a person wants to arrive at Point B, they first need to define where Point A is, and how they arrived there.  

Success is not luck and success is not a respecter of persons.  Success, as it is measured by many barometers, is a function of patterning one’s habits and behaviors after another who has achieved the desired objective.  The disciplined practice of patterning similar habits and behaviors will produce substantially similar results.

A large part of self-awareness and achievement is changing the mind to think success.  You are your mind, and your mind is you.  Your mind is what has been programmed into your brain.  You are what you think.  Your brain is an organic computer that is not dissimilar to a PC computer, and your mind is the operating system and software programs that are installed and running on that computer.

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Our software is installed on our brain from birth by parents, teachers, counselors, television, friends, acquaintances, social media, groups we interact with, peer groups and to a large extent, by the culture in which we are raised and live.

The greatest benefit from reading self-help books is that the content of those books dilutes negativity with positive possibilities.  When people read such titles consistently, the change it causes becomes apparent in their attitude and subsequently produces substantially different and positive results.  

I developed the book list below during my aviation career.  As a Learjet, Cessna Citation and Westwind Captain, I had the opportunity to interact with many people who could afford to fly around in a six to eight million-dollar private airplane – people who had achieved substantial financial success.  On long trips, I frequently had conversations with these passengers and discussed their secrets of success.  Invariably, control of one’s attitude topped the list.

I noticed that virtually all financially successful people read books, and over time, I noted that they all read many of the same books.  Although I had a great front window seat in the jets I piloted, I realized that it was the people sitting in the back who had the best position in life.  

I was inspired by several of my affluent passengers.  One of them gave me a book that had a major impact on my life.  The title is Think and Grow Rich.  I began asking my passengers what books they read and developed my book list.  The books that I have listed can get you started in a new direction.  They will change your mind and your attitude, which is prerequisite to moving forward with your life.

When I started my company, Fiber Network Solutions, in 1995, I could not afford to hire people with vast amounts of experience.  I hired young inexperienced people because that is all I could afford.  I distributed my book list to our employees.  Some read the books and others didn’t.  Those who became readers excelled, and those who did not are still struggling to this day.  I can say with confidence that the company grew as a result of those people who read the books.  I did not grow the company – I just grew the people and they grew the company.

When I meet someone, I can generally tell within a few minutes if they are readers.  The attitude of a person who reads regularly is conspicuous.  If a person has the attitude, helping them with any challenges they face is a walk in the park.

Success Programming

A few words from

our founder...

One evening an old Cherokee Indian told his grandson about a battle that was going on inside himself.

He said, “My son, it is between two wolves.”  “One is evil – full of anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego...

The other is good – filled with joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith...”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one I feed.”

It’s all in what you think.

Original Author unknown

• Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

• Believe and Achieve - W. Clement Stone's

        17 Principles of Success - Samuel A. Cypert

• How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie

• The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen R. Covey

• See you at the Top - Zig Ziglar

• Over the Top - Zig Ziglar

• Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki

• How to get Control of Your Time and Your Life - Alan Lakein

• The Magic of Thinking Big - David Schwartz

• The Magic of Believing - Claude M. Bristol

• What to Say When You Talk to Yourself - Shad Helmstetter

• The Go-Getter - Peter B. Kyne

• Grow Rich While You Sleep - Sweetland

• How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing

        with People - Les Giblin

• In the Company of Giants - Rama Dev Jager

• Master Key to Riches - Napoleon Hill

• The Friendship Factor - Alan Loy McGinnis

• The Greatest Miracle in the World - Og Mandino

• The Greatest Salesman in the World - Og Mandino

• The Greatest Success in the World - Og Mandino

• How Faith Works - Price

• How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling

        - Frank Bettger

• How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends - Don Gabor

• Hung by the Tongue - Frances P. Martin

• I Will - Ben Sweetland

• Laws of Prosperity - Kenneth Copeland

• Letters To Karen - Charlie W. Shadd

• Letters To Phillip - Charlie W. Shadd

• Life is Tremendous! - Charlie Jones

• Man of Steel and Velvet - Aubrey P. Andelin

• Maximized Manhood - Edwin Louis Cole

• Move Ahead with Possibility Thinking - Robert Schuller

• Peak Performance Principles for High Achievers - John R. Noe

• The Possible Dream - Paul Conn

• Promises to Keep - Paul Conn

• Psycho-Cybernetics - Maxwell Maltz

• Self-Love - Robert Schuller

• Skill With People - Les Giblin

• Success, Motivation, and Scriptures - William H. Cook

• Success: The Glenn Bland Method - Glenn Bland

• The Tongue—A Creative Force - Charles Capps

• Trust God for your Finances - Jack Hartman

• What You Say is What You Get - Don Gossett

• Who Stole the American Dream? - Burt Hedges

• The Winner’s Circle - Paul Conn     

Managing the Mind by Programming it for Success.

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