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Self Reinvention is a for-profit proof of concept organization with a long-term vision of facilitating the implementation and operation of replicable entrepreneurial business incubators in communities throughout the United States.

Self Reinvention is focused on the demographic of formerly incarcerated individuals (the "Client") who show entrepreneurial promise and have demonstrated the necessary prerequisite disciplines and skill-sets to form and operate a sponsored company with the assistance of a business incubator.

The business incubators sponsor formerly incarcerated individuals who have completed an application to participate in the entrepreneurial incubation programs, completed the prescribed curriculum set forth by Self Reinvention, and completed a functional and operational Business Plan.

About Us

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Self Reinvention is an organization separate from each of the community entrepreneurial business incubators, which work hands-on with each of the sponsored businesses.  Each of these community entrepreneurial business incubators, as well as each sponsored entrepreneurial business within these incubators, are interchangeably referred to as “Clients” of Self Reinvention.

Self Reinvention provides the necessary expertise and coordination of community resources to implement an entrepreneurial business incubator for formerly incarcerated individuals.  Self Reinvention is the centralized point of information exchange, and experience and expertise, which it disseminates to each of the Clients.  Self Reinvention assists Clients in the acquisition of seed and operational capital, assistance and services as necessary to insure the success of each of its Clients, and to each of their sponsored businesses, leveraging economies of scale to alleviate much of the overhead associated with forming an autonomous business.

Due to the high recidivism rates nationwide, the State and Federal rehabilitation and corrections departments have developed conceptual plans, and to some extent, invested in initiatives that are focused on successful reentry and reintegration of  formerly incarcerated individuals into the community.  These initiatives include mandatory GED education for offenders below the age of twenty-one, vocational training, life skills training, secondary education, counseling and mentoring while

active duty, or serving time, and release and reintegration preparation.  In most instances, release and reintegration  preparation (job search, interviewing preparation, locating housing, etc.) is limited to the last thirty days to six months of of active duty or incarceration, and both governmental and community post release support is substantially lacking.

A number of community based and faith based organizations provide some assistance with locating employment, housing, employment and clothing however, their effectiveness is frequently measured by number served as opposed to other quantifiable criteria measuring long-term success of those served.

Self Reinvention and its Client business incubators will bring the entrepreneurial opportunity into the reentry and reintegration programs and institutions.  Business planning and preparation begins before release or reintegration, and the selection of sponsored entrepreneurs are on a competitive basis.

Self Reinvention intends to achieve self-sustenance.  Unlike many community based organizations that survive on government and foundation funding with no plan for generating its own revenues to meet its financial requirements, Self Reinvention has the ability to evolve into an organization that not only funds itself, but provides the funding for the business incubators and the seed capital for the entrepreneurial start-up businesses ad infinitum.

About Self Reinvention

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