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Thank you for your interest in working with Self Reinvention. and its family of sponsored entrepreneurial businesses.  

Whether you are interested in applying for sponsorship as an entrepreneur and serving as a CEO of a new company, or if you are interested in serving in an employment position with one of our sponsored businesses, the following information is critical to making a successful application.

The greatest challenge for most people who have spent a decade or more incarcerated is simply believing that life in our civilian culture is possible – the fundamental belief that it is possible for someone to have a life of legitimacy and normalcy after having served substantial time in prison.

There are tens-of-thousands of people who were incarcerated and subsequently developed a life of normalcy.  

Two major components of making a successful community reentry and becoming a member of mainstream society are:  1.) Not expecting that anyone or anything beside yourself owes you a living; and, 2.) Your willingness to invest in yourself by gaining the additional education required to qualify for employment or sponsorship, and continued life-long personal and professional advancement.

Self Reinvention. is a corporation whose continued existence is based upon continued progress and achievement.  All companies sponsored by Self Reinvention are privately held for-profit organizations that are focused on productivity and profitability.

The core focus of our organization is to sponsor formerly incarcerated individuals who show entrepreneurial promise, who have demonstrated the necessary work ethic and intellectual capacity, and possess the education and trade or vocational skills to facilitate the formation and growth of a for-profit enterprise.  A for-profit company necessarily needs to have every associate rowing the boat.  If someone is just taking a ride in the boat with all of the other associates doing the rowing, that person needs to get their own boat.

A hard and direct Reality Check

ex-offenders entrepreneurial businesses

It is important for us to point out up-front that Self Reinvention is unlike any other organization serving formerly incarcerated individuals. Our fundamental mission is substantially reducing recidivism by addressing the economic needs of formerly incarcerated individuals through a self-funding agenda that is supported by for-profit businesses.  Self Reinvention is very similar to any other investment or venture capital firm. Self Reinvention is seeking viable business investment opportunities like any investment firm, with the exception that we only work with individuals who are formerly incarcerated.

We receive an extraordinary number of inquires from formerly incarcerated individuals who ask; “Please send me information on what you can do for me.”  Our answer is; “Show us what you can do for yourself.”  

Self Reinvention is not a social organization that is dependent upon how many formerly incarcerated individuals  we serve.  Rather, we are a corporation that is dependent upon the qualifications and performance of the individuals we assist with the formation and capitalization of a business, or who we recruit to fill positions within those businesses.  Therefore, unlike many social organizations that serve formerly incarcerated individuals, and provide a plethora of information and reasons why you should work with them, we are interested in knowing what you can do for yourself and Self Reinvention – not what we can do for you.  

Should we have an interest in working with you after receiving the information we require, additional information regarding Self Reinvention. and available opportunity will follow.

Self Reinvention is not an organization that indiscriminately hands out assistance without expectations.  Self Reinvention is an opportunity for formerly incarcerated individuals to embrace, and we provide robust assistance to those individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to helping themselves. Our entire organization is based upon the simple concept of; the people with the problem becoming their own solution.

We do not care about what you have done in your past.  Rather, we are interested in what you can do as you move forward into your future, who you can become, and what you are prepared to invest in yourself.  

If an individual is not willing to invest in them self by acquiring the necessary education, experience and skills to negotiate the competitive path toward a successful future, then we are not interested in making the investment in that individual either.

A hard and direct Reality Check

Empowering the people with the problem to become their own solution.

Not every formerly incarcerated individual has the interest or the education and experience to start and operate an entrepreneurial business.  

As we continue building our family of sponsored businesses, we are creating jobs, and our first pick in filling open positions is other formerly incarcerated individuals.  

Therefore, if you do not meet the criteria to receive entrepreneurial sponsorship today, there remains the opportunity to apply for employment openings with our sponsored companies.  

As an individual works with one of our sponsored companies and earns the necessary education and experience, they may then qualify for sponsorship as one of our entrepreneurs.  After all, the key to business success is competent leadership, and we are clearly interested in investing in any business that shows promise of profitability.  

Once we open the door for an individual, it is up to them to prove that they can perform as an asset to our family of companies.

Before you contact us, please ask yourself if you are genuinely prepared to embrace the fundamental concepts of work and self-improvement.

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