...Fueling the Entrepreneurial Flame

• A sensible method for synchronizing formerly incarcerated individuals into the civilian culture and providing for the critical economic needs.

• Community protection from recidivists through a program of genuine rehabilitation and opportunity creation.

• A replicable organization that will provide the tools and assistance necessary to help formerly incarcerated people achieve a robust, rewarding, legitimate, wholesome and dignified future.

• The establishment of a self-funding, self-sustaining and self-perpetuating community workforce and economic development cultural organization.

• The creation of entrepreneurial employment for formerly incarcerated persons.

• The creation of meaningful employment within the corporate structure of Self Reinvention.

• The creation of companies with an ex-offender friendly hiring policy resulting in jobs for those formerly incarcerated individuals who may not be prepared to operate a business, as well as jobs for others who may be economically disadvantaged.

The Benefits

ex-offender business incubation

• The transformation of tax consumers to tax contributors.

• The creation of a positive synergy among and within civilian reentry programming, and prisoners within correctional institutions due to the competitive nature of the entrepreneurship program.  

The individuals who are participating in the entrepreneurship program within an institution will develop life skills, develop business plans, learn the process of goal setting and creating the necessary plan to carry them out, financial and time management, and interpersonal skills.

Creating this positive synergy within these demographics can have a profound affect on the prison population.  Irrespective of the number of individual prisoners that are selected for entrepreneurial sponsorship with Self Reinvention, all of the participants in the entrepreneurship program will be much better prepared for community reentry upon retirement / release.

• The cultivation of a Self Reinvention culture that appeals to human nature and creates the desire of this specific demographic for membership in a wholesome organization.

• A positive change in attitude and perception among the general population toward formerly incarcerated individuals.

• A quantifiable and genuine reduction in recidivism.

• An accountable, effective results-based community organization that eventually is self financing.

• Given that statistically, between 36% and 59% of crime is committed by recidivists, over the long term, Self Reinvention will cause a significant reduction in overall crime statistics.

• A fundamental solution to recidivism is crime prevention.  Crime prevention can be facilitated through education, mentoring and positive role models before and during adolescents.  Self Reinvention's core focus is creating for-profit businesses.  How will Self Reinvention affect youth?  The Self Reinvention Group won’t; however, its resultant culture will have a profound effect.  Children and adolescents seek role models, good or bad.  Parents and other people who have risen from adversity to become workers and business owners, employers and tax paying citizens can provide powerful icons.  People who conquer difficult life challenges and achieve a life of honor and distinction are likely to help those who are reminiscent of themselves when they were young.

• Weak people cannot help weak people.  Poor people cannot help poor people.  Strong people help weak people and affluent people help the economically disadvantaged.  Self Reinvention will skim the cream; it will produce an army of profitable businesses that are operated by people who have a common history and affinity for other similarly situated individuals who face these common challenges and adversities.  The bonds, the sense of loyalty, the fellowship, the fraternity and the comradery that forms as Self Reinvention expands will create a cultural foundation that will in turn, reach down and lift up those people in need who are not receiving effective and quantifiable assistance that resolves their problems.

The Benefits

Empowering the people with the problem to become their own solution.

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