Seminars and Speaking

In his effort to keep client's costs as low as possible for seminar and speaking engagements, Dave travels frequently in his 40' Keystone Alpine Travel Trailer, which eliminates hotel and restaurant costs.

Most engagements provide space in a parking lot at their facility.

If your organization is able to provide a standard garden hose spigot, that would be very helpful.

If your facility can provide either a 50, 30 or 20 AMP electrical outlet, that would be most helpful. However, if not, Dave can provide for his electrical requirements with his generators.

Fees are flexible.


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2 Hours 16 Minutes

- Overcoming the Felony Conviction Label.

- Recidivism – its core causes and the solutions to prevent recidivating.

- Fostering Self Confidence.

- First Steps after Release.

- You don't need to start over - but you do need to start from where you left off.

- Developing Definitiveness of Purpose.

- The Emotional Impact of Release & Reentry.

- Don't swing at a pitch in the dirt.

- Dealing with Anger and Depression.

- Reprogramming your mind for success.

- Cultivating your Friends, Peer Group and Sphere of Influence.

- Peel off the Labels.

- You won't change until it hurts enough.

- Excuseitis.

- ...and many more

Dave is available for speaking engagements, and for multi-day group seminars, which feature such topics as:

Fee is Flexible

Dave Koch

Dave is available to provide very inspirational and informative presentations to staff and persons either planning an upcoming release, or persons who have recently been released.

Presentations can be single speaking engagements or a full four day seminar that includes multiple classes each day, covering some or all of the topics listed at the bottom of this page.