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Is the term "Ex-Offender" Politically Incorrect?

Getting out of prison is easy.

The challenge is staying out !

Community Reentry Challenges,

which each individual can control

Finding that First Job when Released from Prison.

Recently released from Prison?

You don't need a Job,

You Need a Break!

Who is to blame for what is

frequently referred to as our

"Failed Corrections System?"

You don't have to be the person that someone else has labeled you to be. Peel off your Labels!

Suggestions for the Job Interview.



Community Reentry was

Easier 35 Years Ago.


Religion and Faith Based

Community Reentry Organizations

Solving Problems and

Setting Attainable Goals

Your Prison Sentence.

...is it a Punishment or an Opportunity?

Prisoner Recidivism

It Doesn't Hurt Enough!

The Motivation of Pain vs. The Motivation of Pleasure.

Prisoner Recidivism

A Genuine Solution to an American Epidemic

Successful Community Reentry

Starts with Cleaning Up

Life Baggage

A guide to help with rehabilitation and making a successful community reentry.

Who Are your friends, and how do your friends influence and control the path and destinations of your life?

The conflicts of spiritual faith verse the harmony of faith and science.